Friday, 5 February 2016

Blohm & Voss Bv 138

Hi Folks!
Time for new releases! This month we prepare two planes for our 1/300 scale range, three models for Urban War range and two models from GFR range.

So let's take a look on them.

1/300 Scale models

This month we have prepared two aircraft. BV 138 a World War II German flying boat and Farman F.222 a World War II French bomber.

Urban War

For Urban War we have prepared three packs of Hatamoto veterans models for Triad faction:

Generic Fantasy Range

For Generic Fantasy Range we have prepared two packs.

On our workbench (aka "Design Studio")

So, what will be next in March? There will be another tree packs for Urban War, and some 1/300 scale terrain.

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That's all for this month, more nice stuff coming soon!


  1. Are the Hatamotos all single minis, or packs of multiples?

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