Tuesday, 27 October 2015

New Releases - October 2015

Warheads: Medieval Tales

Hi Folks!
Hope everyone enjoyed the summertime, but for us it was a really busy summer. Those who follow us on Facebook probably noticed news about Warheads, so it's time to announce this in a more official way. Ladies and Gentleman I have a the pleasure of informing you that Scotia Grendel have acquired the Warheads: Medieval Tales range.

In our webshop you will find all miniatures and paperback Issues, we have also made the PDF version of all Issues for free to download!

Don't forget to follow us on Warheads Facebook page.

......and YES, we are going to publish the last two Issues, so no worries on that score.

So join Hugo and Gui as they battle it out in a weird and wonderful 11th Century Britain.

Generic Fantasy Range

This month we have prepared another four packs of personalities for release. Let's take a look at them:

On our workbench (aka "Design Studio")

Did I mention that this summer was very busy time for us? But this mean we are going to have some really cool miniatures coming in the next few months, just take a look at current Jon's WIP:
WIP - Undead Orc Champion

WIP - Undead Orc Warrior with Axe

Join our forum and Facebook page, where we post more up-dates and pictures of up-coming miniatures.

That's all for this month, more nice stuff coming soon!

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