Thursday, 9 October 2014


What's new

Here we go, a new release. This month we present five packs from our Generic Fantasy range and two packs from our 1/300 scale micro models range. So let's get started!

New 1/300 scale models
After little delay we now  present  to you two new models. First up is CAGS53 - Me 329, a prototype heavy fighter aircraft, first in our up-coming Wunderwaffe range.  Second is CAUM17 - F-15 Eagle, American all-weather tactical fighter.
Generic Fantasy Range
Now let's take a look at new releases from our Generic Fantasy range. This month we have: GFR0035 - Southern Archer I, GFR0041 - Southern Archer II and GFR0042 - Southern Archer Command, all of them are available in GFRA2016 - Southern Archer Regiment. Also released are another two packs from the Men of the West: GFR0051 - Western Spearmen I and GFR0061 - Western Swordmen I.


This month we offer Issue 10 of "Battles with Miniatures" for download. This is the last published by I-kore studio. You will find many interesting articles like how to start collecting a army for Void, hobby tips, and much more. As always, the pdf is free to download, so enjoy reading.

On our workbench (aka "Design Studio")

Hope you will enjoy this month's new releases, more coming soon. For next month we're planing to release another two 1/300 scale models, another five packs from our Generic Fantasy range and maybe something more...

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