Thursday, 10 July 2014

Hold the line!

Generic Fantasy Range

Another five new packs of miniatures. In this month we represent you a Noble Elf Spearmen. Fifteen designs, give this set very a unique in look. What is more, you can buy a whole regiment of them (fifteen miniatures including a command pack) and save 16% from RRP. We are also preparing regiments packs for other miniatures from the GFR range, so soon you will be able to buy in bulk and save money.


This month we present Issue 7 of "Battles with Miniatures". This time we move to Viridian Jungles, where you will find information about Viridian forces. The pdf is free to download, so enjoy reading. We're currently working on Unit Cards (I published some mock-ups on our Facebook page) which mean, that soon there will be more nice stuff for Void.

On our workbench (aka "Design Studio")

Ahh.. and finally, "Design Studio" section, we're very busy with new releases, there will be more Orcs next month for the GFR range. so stay tuned.
See you in next month


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