Wednesday, 11 June 2014

New June Releases

GFR0043 - Northmen Spearmen II
It's Sebastian again! So June has started (nice weather in theory), and as you can see, new month, new releases. Mostly from our Generic Fantasy Range, but there is also something for Void fans, which I hope you will enjoy.

Generic Fantasy Range
Five new packs of miniatures. Not three, not four, but five! Fifteen beautiful miniatures in this month, two packs of Northmen Archers (GFR0049 and GFR0050) one pack of Northmen Spearmen II (GFR0043), the last two packs are Northmen Swordsmen (GFR0040 and GFR0045).

GFR0040 - Northmen Swodsmen I

GFR0040 - Northmen Swodsmen II

GFR0049 - Northmen Archers I

GFR0050 - Northmen Archers II


This month we present Issue 6 of "Battles with Miniatures". A whole issue dedicated to the Junkers faction. There you will find information about Junkers tactics, cities and colonies: In other words everything you need to get a feel for the harsh climate of Ironglass, and - like always, the pdf is free to download.

On our workbench (aka "Design Studio")

Our future plan is very simple, another five new codes for Generic Fantasy Range, and more stuff for Void. So grab some paints, brushes or dice and models and have fun with our new releases.
See you in next month


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