Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Paypal Difficulties

Hi all.  I have a technical issue to make you aware of.

Paypal are having trouble communicating with our API Network at the moment, meaning that they are able to receive incoming transactions from our webstore, but are not able to send us the payment confirmation which creates an order that we can view at our end.

What that means from your point of view is that if you have paid using Paypal (all other payment methods are working fine) recently, your payment will have been received by us, but we will not have a record of what items you have ordered.

Paypal are working on the issue, and we'll let you know as soon as they have sorted the everything out.  In the meantime, Robbie will be contacting everyone affected by this to confirm what was in your orders, so we can get your items sent to you.

If you are thinking of making an order and paying with Paypal, you can still do so normally, but until further notice, could you please also email a list of what you have ordered to to avoid any unnecessary delay in dispatching your orders.

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