Friday, 17 August 2012

A strange post. We`ve had aproblem on the web site for ages in that we could not get the large picture option to work. This morning playing around on my laptop the problem went away. We now know the problem has not been us (hense our inability to fix it). It appears to be an issue with firefox (the browser on the main PC), my laptop however uses internet explorer and that was working fine so we were trying to fix a problem not of our making. The weird vageries of the internet


  1. It's never worked for me, using Firefox or Chrome. I've just checked (using Chrome) and it still isn't working I'm afraid :-(

  2. Same here, I cannot view the large pictures. Normally, pictures open up in a pop-up screen, but the large ones load on the page itself and are 'too big'. I also can't scroll to the right or down, it just keeps scrolling and 'shaking', but no more of the image comes into view...