Thursday, 2 June 2011

Downloads on their way back!

Okay, after the mysterious disappearance of the downloads from our site, it looks like a resolution is at hand, and we're able to put them back in place.  The Void 1.1 downloads and Battles With Miniatures will be first, as they are the biggest section, then Kryomek and Leviathan.

So, normal service will be resumed over the next few days.  Hang in there, folks!


  1. Thats fantastic news!

    Ive had a few folks wondering where they can get Leviathan rules from to look at!

    All the best!

  2. Heya

    I just assumed you'd withdrawn the service intentionally...

    It may well be worth checking the leviathen section as all the Dwarf/elf/barbarian tabs are also empty. The product is available through grendel white metal figures section but not everyone will think to look there :)

    All the best