Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Bits Bonanza Begins! Beware Bargain Book Blitz! (Scotia Staff Sectioned for overuse of alliteration)

Couldn't resist the title of this entry!  Anyhoo, quite a bit to report this time round.  We decided to make March our Bits Bonanza month, and have released all the codes between ACR22 and ACR33.  Which turned out to be mostly sci-fi guns.  So, to try and offset that, ACR36, a campsite set has also been released (see picture).

Bagpuss has also sent in some more pictures of his painted Kryomek collection, and they have been added to the site, and Battles with Miniatures issue 3 has been added to the site for downloading.

Speaking of which, to save our bandwidth, and make some space in the workshop, we have decided to reduce the price of all our rulebooks to a paltry £5 (note that we do not own the Urban Mammoth or Warheads literature, so they have not been reduced!).  So, if you like a set of rules that you've downloaded, now is a great time to buy a hard copy to thumb through.  We'll be holding the price as long as stocks last.

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