Wednesday, 29 September 2010

'New' Old Pics

You will no doubt be pleased to see that the red warning box has disappeared from the top of our webstore, which can only mean one thing - The move to a new server is complete! Huzzah!

We will be reinstating emails from the website, now we're in a more secure environment, so you should start receiving dispatch confirmations and so forth once again.  A useful side-effect of the migration is that we've uncovered a file of images from the old Scotia website.  The originals are quite small, and some date back to a bygone era before digital photography became the norm, but they fill a few gaps in this incarnation of the website.  So, Jon is now trawling through and resizing/sharpening the old images and adding them to the site.  The quality of the reduxed images isn't the absolute best, but they should be okay for showing what each product looks like, and certainly better than blank spaces.

One of Jon's other, less enjoyable tasks is to increase the prices on the Kryomek range.  Unfortunately, the cost of metal is on the rise again, and the Kryomek miniatures are somewhat metal-hungry compared to other ranges.  Prices will go up to the £5-£6 mark on the metal packs.  The prices will be changed in batches over the course of the next few weeks, as and when Jon gets the time to work on the computer, so you'll have several opportunities to buy some items before the price goes up.

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