Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Void Releases

Okay, after a bit of a glitch on the scheduling front, we have a double release/re-release of Void miniatures.

First up, four Koralon releases: Gorgora, Arakton Champion, and a pack of Skorpaenids in blister packs, and two boxed sets: The Koralon Broodmaster and Koralon Hydra sets.

Also available are four packs for the Junkers, all cavalry/mounted types: Legionary Sandrunner, Legionary Sandrunner Decurion, Mounted Enforcer, and the character Gracchus on his personal mount, Rex.

If you're wondering about Micro Armour releases, wonder no more. There are some great new infantry models due for release next month. Subscribers to the Scotia newsletter will already have seen the first painted infantry models in this month's missive.

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